Announcement: What all the hype about Nicocure?

Why-E-cigaretteElectronic cigarettes have gained a lot of popularity in the past decade. These are battery powered cigarette shaped devices that are designed to help smokers quit their smoking habit. There are many e cig reviews available online that argue about these cigarettes to be harmful for the human body. This electronic cigarette review will look into the so called best e cig in the market, Nicocure. We will assess what components go in the making of it and whether it is good or bad for human consumption.

What is Nicocure?

Nicocure is considered to be one of the best e cigarettes in the market. But what is the hype behind its popularity? Nicocure has been proven to help people quit their smoking habit.

Nicocure provides the user with the same sensation as smoking on a real cigarette. It gives you the satisfaction of inhaling and exhaling smoke. With Nicocure, you can enjoy the delight of smoking a cigarette without its harmful effects on your health and others as well.


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Cigarette smoking becomes addictive to humans because of the nicotine present in a cigarette. Although nicotine is harmful in its own way but the 3000 other toxins and chemicals in a traditional cigarette is what causes millions of deaths annually.

When you try to quit smoking, you often fail because of the cutoff of nicotine supply to your body. In an e cigarette, this is not the case. An e cig consists of an e liquid cartridge. This liquid contains liquid nicotine among the other various chemicals. This way you get your dose of nicotine without incurring the harmful effect of toxins like tar, glue and hydrocarbons to your body.

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How does Nicocure work?

Like many other electronic cigarettes, Nicocure also has a sensor installed in it. It also has a microprocessor to control the light at the end of the cigarette and the heater used for vaporizing. Then there is also a cartridge that contains the e liquid. This liquid consists of nicotine and propylene glycol.



When a user sucks at the end of Nicocure, the sensor detects the motion and starts the heater. The heater heats the liquid and converts it into vapor. This vapor is inhaled by the user and then exhaled out. This is why the electronic cigarettes are also referred to as vapor cigarettes as well.


Advantages of Nicocure over traditional cigarettes

There are many advantages that you can avail by the use of Nicocure. First and most important that it is safe for human use and does not contain the harmful chemicals of a traditional cigarette. It gives you the same feeling and satisfaction as having a cigarette without staining your teeth, giving you bad breath or smoker’s cough. You also have the options of 5 flavors of cartridges with Nicocure. There is no mess of ash or smoke with e cigs.

It can help you quit your habit of smoking. This is because the cartridge comes in different levels of nicotine potency. You can choose how much nicotine you want to inhale. If you are willing to try to quit smoking, then you can gradually lessen your nicotine dosage until you reach a point where you are happy with a cartridge with zero nicotine.


Does Nicocure have a disadvantage?

No. Nicocure has no drawbacks of its own. It is a safer and healthier alternative for smoking.

There is however one concern that revolves around all electronic cigarette manufacturers. As these devices are being used to help people quit smoking, they can also be used for the exact opposite purpose. As these are legal, anyone can buy them and use them. This way a non smoker may be tempted to try and eventually get addicted to nicotine. Once they are addicted, they will try to smoke traditional cigarette also.


So is Nicocure safe?

There have been a lot of concerns by health experts and through ecig forums about the safety of using e cigs. The most important thing that worries health authorities is the quality of the product. Even though electronic cigarettes are legal, there are other issues like if the nicotine level printed on the label exactly the same as you’ll find inside the cartridge? Have the manufacturers listed every chemical and ingredient used in the e liquid on the label?

With these issues in mind, a few manufacturers have been pointed out who have fake claims of nicotine levels and who provide quality that is not up to the mark. But Nicocure e cigarettes do not contain any harmful ingredients. They are completely safe and can be used without guilt anywhere you like. Like malls, restaurants, airports and all other public places.


Where can you get original Nicocure?

The original Nicocure starter kit can be bought through their website. By buying the starter kit, you will get 5 different flavored cartomizers, a single rechargeable battery, a USB charger, a storage case, a wall charger and a lifetime guarantee. What more could you ask for?

By ordering the starter kit you can save a lot of money and also get the nicotine that your body longs for.

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The use of electronic cigarettes has started to be widely accepted. They are known to help people quit smoking and improve their health. Nicocure is a great quality e cig and contains only the best quality components and ingredients. Its life time guarantee confirms the quality of this product.

Nicocure Lifetime Warranty

Not only is it designed to imitate a cigarette, its working also imitates that of a normal cigarette. So you can enjoy the feeling of inhaling and exhaling smoke without any harmful effects. It will give you the amount of nicotine you need but it won’t harm you as much as a cigarette.

So if you have always been trying to quit smoking, now is your chance! The Nicocure e cigarette can help you accomplish this long due goal. Do yourself and your family a favor and place your order of Nicocure right now!