Can a Vapor cigarette really help you quit smoking?

vapor cigarette

A vapor cigarette is an electronic inhaler that gives out vapors from an aerosol mist. This gives the effect of cigarette smoking. They are known by many names including e-cigarette and electronic cigarettes. They were designed and developed in an attempt to trick the mind to quit smoking. A vapor cigarette gives the sensation of smoking a cigarette without the legal or health issues surrounding a normal cigarette.

But do they really live up to the hype? Do they really help quit smoking? Are they safe? These are all a few of the many questions that come to mind before you try out an e-cigarette. There are many e cigarette reviews that leave you in doubt whether this is beneficial or not. This electronic cigarette review will look into all the pros and cons and see what goes into the making of the best e cigarette.


How does an E-Cigarette Work?

Unlike a traditional cigarette, a vapor cigarette makes use of liquid nicotine. This is called an e-liquid. The cigarette is battery powered. When a user inhales, the flow sensation is activated. Then the e liquid is vaporized and released. This gives the user the required nicotine dose without other substances like tar, glue, carbon dioxide etc. This vapor contains nicotine, glycol and a scent that imitates the flavor of tobacco.

The e liquid contains glycol and nicotine has been approved by the FDA for human consumption. There is no flame required nor is there any ash. And the best part is, as there is no smoke, and no harmful agents, it is 100% legal. All e cig reviews suggest it to be much better than smoking a real traditional cigarette.

vapor cigarettes


What benefits you can get by the use of E Cigs?

A vapor cigarette has a lot of benefits as compared to the traditional cigarette. The first and foremost is that it is definitely safer to use. It doesn’t contain any cancer causing agents.

People who are addicted to smoking are in reality addicted to nicotine. An e cigarette does not devoid the user of that addiction. Rather they offer you the nicotine without any harmful additives. The best e cigs in the market contain options to control the amount of nicotine delivered in each cartridge. If you are trying to quit smoking, then you can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine in your e cig.

Because of the vast popularity of these vapor cigarettes, manufacturers have introduced many variations as well. In addition to the traditional tobacco scent, now users can choose from mint, cherry, caramel, chocolate, and many more flavors. This is similar to the flavored hookahs that are also very popular nowadays.

As opposed to the other anti smoking techniques, users that are willing to quit smoking like e cigs better. This is because their desire to hold and smell the smoke is fulfilled. Their desire to inhale and exhale is accomplished. This way people who are trying to quit find it much easier to use a vapor cigarette than to apply nicotine patches or go cold turkey.

Not only are they a healthier choice for you, they are healthy for the environment too. People around you will no longer be at risk of second hand smoke if you try out electronic cigarettes. So not only will you be doing yourself a favor, you’ll be helping others out too.



Is the Electronic Cigarette safe for use?

So, are the claims made by the manufacturers of e cigarettes really true? Are they safe and do they really help you quit smoking? Or, do they get you further addicted to something new?

Health experts are concerned about many issues. Quality control is their first priority. Their biggest fear is that manufacturers may not list every chemical they use for the e liquid.

In an e-cig forum, it was found out that in a study by the FDA, when samples of the nicotine liquid were checked, they did not contain the quantity labeled. There are even reports of the cartridges to contain toxins like diethylene glycol that is used as antifreeze.

Another point is that these electronic cigarettes have not been in the market for too long. Their base, the liquid nicotine, has not been tested thoroughly for any short or long term side effects. Other methods like the NRT, gum or patches have been in the market for ages now and health experts know for sure that they work or not.

Also, there is a possibility that because it is legal, youngsters may try it out and develop the habit of smoking. The vapor cigarette can work both ways. While it is advertised as a healthy alternative to cigarette, non smokers may just take it the wrong way. This way they will get addicted to nicotine and will eventually want to try out real cigarettes.

The ease of buying the e cig may also be an advantage and a disadvantage as well. This depends on who is buying it. If a smoker is buying it, then it may help him quit. But if a non smoker is buying it, it may get him addicted to nicotine.



Although the vapor cigarettes have been around for many years now, there are still concerns whether they are safe or not? But one thing is for sure. Even if they aren’t very safe for use, they can’t do more harm than a real cigarette. A cigarette contains thousands of toxins and chemicals that are all very dangerous for us.

So, if you are willing to try to stop your habit of smoking, then you should definitely give e-cig a chance. If patches and gum have been tried to no avail, try one of the best e-cigarettes in the market and test for yourself whether the claims are true or not. With an e-cig, you don’t have to feel guilty about smoking. You know you are on the road to recovery.

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